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Welcome Choir Members, Leaders and Associate Partners!

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Access to all our song resources. Please make sure you signed up to our mailing list so we can cross reference this via the individual choir pages.

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Choir Leader or Associate Members:

We also have different types of membership for our choir leaders, external partners and hubs.

For more information on the different types of associate memberships please see our membership options and/or get in touch with us via email:

Here is a video and PDF to help show you what is available.

Once confirmed with the team, please follow this link to sign-up to the members area.

Resources Include

Lyric sheet symbol, click to open lyric sheet

Lyric Sheets

Signing symbol, click to open signing video

Signing Videos*

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Backing Tracks

Video symbol, click to open youtube video

Music Videos

Music notation symbol, click to open chord sheet

Coloured Notation

… and much more!

*please note: we do not claim to be Makaton, BSL or Signalong accredited. We use a combination of the 3 and movements to help support musical enjoyment and engagement.

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It’s not compulsory to have a Soundabout t-shirt at any rehearsal and/or performance.

The most important this is that you feel comfortable and powerful!

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