Hertfordshire Music Service Inclusive Choir (Associate)

We’re so excited to welcome a brand new choir in Hertfordshire! Starting in April, 2024, you can now sign up! The Hertfordshire Music Service Inclusive Choir welcomes anyone in year 5, 6 & secondary through to 25. It is administered by Hertfordshire Music Service and supported by Soundabout.

When? Fridays, twice a month (online with end of term meet in person), 5-6pm

Where? Zoom & Mid Herts Centre for Music and Arts

What is it like to be a Choir Member?

September by the MAC-Soundabout West Midlands and Leicestershire Inclusive Choirs
‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ by The King’s Singers, Soundabout Choirs & Friends

The sense of achievement when the others have enjoyed his performance. Immense pride …

To see my daughter’s face light up when she was asked to play her ukulele was priceless …

I heard my son sing quite a lot and attempt to join in at times. He also tried to sign, which he hasn’t engaged with before.

The Hertfordshire Music Service Inclusive Choir is run by…