Peterborough Music Inclusive (Associate)

A Musical Community Without Barriers

Peterborough Music Inclusive welcomes people of all ages, and their families/ carers. It is administered by the Peterborough Music Hub and supported by Soundabout.

See Our Choirs In Action

Try Everything by the Soundabout Inclusive Choirs from Oxford and Peterborough
‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ – The King’s Singers, Soundabout Choirs & Friends

My son finds it very hard to concentrate on things, even for a short while. Choir is the only thing he will sit, participate and pay attention to, for a whole hour. He loves it!

The sense of achievement when the others have enjoyed his performance. Immense pride …

My daughter loves to take part in recordings and works hard to learn all the songs. She loves picking out voices of other choir members on recording.

Peterborough Inclusive Music is run by…